“Design is intelligence made visible”

Designing is the most important function in a construction company. This is because the design team acts as a bridge between the customer and the construction company. They understand the project brief from the customer and translate it into instructions for the construction teams.

There will be many conflicting requirements in the designing process – aesthetics vs functionality, budget vs quality, and also other aspects like climate, security, privacy, etc.

The design team coordinate with other departments to ensure cost efficiency and conflict resolution and thus ensuring that the project is progressing without delays and disruptions. Hence the design team is also responsible for the on-time delivery of projects.

We are fortunate to have an excellent design team that drives all our projects to perfection. They add value to the project in multiple ways – from ensuring quality materials to using sustainable building practices to minimising the impact on the environment.

We provide design services in the following areas.

Architecture Designing

“Architecture should speak about its time and place, but yearn for timelessness”

Ideal Home Developers were primarily an Architectural Firm and an Architectural Design Company offering various Architectural Services such as design, preparation of construction documents and construction administration.

Architectural design, simply put, is the translation of the client’s needs. The Architect works closely with the client through the entire length of the project. The relationship that develops as a result of this collaboration often determines the success of the project.

As far as the construction teams are concerned, their expectation from the Architect is a simple, feasible and legal design that can be made into a reality. Once the design is developed, our Architects are also involved in the execution and regular inspection and evaluation of the building process.

Our Main Architectural Design Services

Concept development drawings

Permit & Completion Drawings

Online permit and completion APPLICATION ( SANKETHAM)

3D Modelling

Civil engineering supervision

Civil engineering detail drawing

Joinery detail drawings

Floor&wall tile layout designing

Electrical drawings

Plumbing Fitout drawings

Project management consultancy

Styles of Architecture

Colonial House

Ranch House

Contemporary House

Craftman Tudor House

Traditional House

Caperod House

Farm House


Classification of homes

Single Story House

Double Story House

Kerala Style House

Budget Homes

Comfert Homes

3BHK Homes

4BHK Homes

5BHK Homes

Interior Designing

“Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love”

We offer Interior Design Services for Home Interiors as well as Office Interiors. We offer these services as a contract service as well.

We create efficient and smart interior designs keeping in mind the concepts of energy efficiency, smart living, effective space utilization and Vaastu. These factors work together in different ways based on if the interior is for a home or for a commercial establishment. We service both.

Interior Designing is both an art and a science. It is an art because if executed well, interiors have the power to heal, rejuvenate and energise the users/inhabitants of the space. It is that aspect of construction that has an impact on the everyday lives and wellbeing of the user.

The interior design team works to bring together the various components like light, colours, textures, etc. to create a warm, inviting and cosy interior space for the whole family to enjoy.

Our main interior designing services

Concept development drawings

3d modelling

Detailed interior Fitout drawings

Wall panel detail drawings

Furniture detail drawings

Ceiling detail drawings

Interior project management consultancy

Interior designing consultancy

Classification of interior

Kitchen Interior

Bedroom Interior

Living interior

Dining interior

Drawing Interior

Prayer Interior

Toilet Interior

Upstair lobby interior

Home theater interior

Kidsroom interior

Renovations Designing

“Renovating not only restores the house but restores the story of the home and the neighbourhood”

Ideal Home Developers are also Home renovation service providers offering budget-friendly home renovation services.

We create renovation designs based on the objective of the renovation process. It could be

  • To make the home more comfortable and efficient.
  • To upgrade or modernise the home in tune with the growing needs of the family.
  • Renovations necessitated by issues like wear and tear.
  • To renovate the home for sale purposes.

The goal of our renovation designs is to retain/salvage as much of the existing structure as possible, reusing or repurposing the materials if possible, working well within the structural constraints and still delivering a happy experience for the client.

Renovation design also requires careful planning as the budgets are usually small and the family will still be using the space during the renovation process. Hence even though these are smaller projects, they are usually the most challenging and hence we look forward to our renovation projects.

Our main Renovation designing services

Concept design development

3d remodeling and top view

Detailed renovation plan and drawings

Renovation project management consultancy

Renovation designing consultancy

Classification of renovation

Exterior Remodeling

kitchen remodeling

Toilet remodeling

Bed room remodeling

Existing Space plan Development

Ground floor home extension

Vasthu based Floor plan Rearrangement

Upstair extension

Commercial Interior Designing

“The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space”

Designing interiors for commercial establishments are very different from designing the interior for homes as shops and showrooms have different furniture and décor compared to homes. Also, these spaces see a lot more users and hence usability and functionality are key factors to be considered.

Most construction companies tend to focus on either residential or commercial interiors as servicing both requires constant adjustment and shift in the design process. The scale, the components, even the materials are all different for both. But we have a very professional and experienced team who has tasted success in both residential and commercial interior designing.

We design interiors for single rooms to entire floors. And we do it on a contract basis as well.

The interior space for commercial establishments has undergone a lot of changes in the last few years. They are not boring and sterile-looking but are rather fun and creative using bold designs, textures and colours. Adventurous and quirky designs have a lot of demand. And we are up for the challenge!

Our main services

Concept design development

3d modelling

Design consultancy

Project management consultancy

Classification of commercial interior

Office interior

Retail showroom interior

Hotel/motel interior

Beauty parlour and spa interior