Ideal Home Developers provides our esteemed customers the most adept solutions from the beginning to the end, to make your dream home, a reality. We collaborate with your perspectives and execute the same in our services, to make it unparalleled and most perfect. The following are some of the main services that we cater to in close relation to our client’s requirements:


Customized Architectural 2D Design with 3D Visualisation.

Civil Engineering & Construction

Electrical Distributions & Applications.

Flooring, Wall dadoing and cladding Solutions.

Carpentry – Wooden Joinery & Hardware.

Plumbing Arrangements & Sanitary & CP Fittings.

False Ceiling, Light Weight, Waterproof and Fire Proof Solutions.

Painting applications & Colour Schemes.

Polishing & Texture applications.

Paving Tiles / Block, Sculpture and Landscaping Solutions.

Water Proofing Applications & Solutions.

All kind of Fabrication Solutions.

All Kind of Roofing Solutions.

House Automation Services.

House – Anti Termite Treatments and services.

House Energy Saving Solutions and Systems.


Customized Interior 2D Design with 3D Visualisation.

Modular Kitchen furnishing and Accessories.

Modern and Contemporary Hard & Soft Partitions, Panelling and Furniture Fixtures.

Paining, Polishing, Texture and Wall Paper Applications.

Modular Bed Room arrangements and Accessories.

Modular Designer Toilet and Bath Settings Arrangements.

Decorative False Ceiling and Reflective Systems.

Decorative Lights and Electrical applications.

Designer Floor, Wall and Cladding tile applications.

House Keeping applications and services.

Traditional Wooden Works and Carving Solutions.

Furniture – Modern and Traditional Design and Services.

Water Proof & Fire Proof Fixed Furniture and Accessories.

All tpyes of Glass Partitions and Fittings.

Curtains, Blinds and applications.

Modern Handrail Systems.

Exterior Remodelling
Refurbishment and development of existing spacing plan
Home Extensions
Vasthu science-based reconstruction and development
Single story villa upgrades to upper floor planning and utility
Single story upper roof utility area expanding with lightweight
partitions and applications
Kitchen Remodelling
Toilet Remodelling
Bed room with attached toilet remodelling
Gust room remodelling
Family living room remodelling
Dining room remodelling
Office Furnishing
Retail Showroom Furnishing
Hospitality Furnishing
Beauty Parlour & Spa Furnishing